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Saturday – September 17, 2016

– Check the Saturday Map for specific locations –

Agency and Organization Exhibits

Many agencies and organizations in our community share information through “hands-on” interactive activities. Participants include Yakama Nation Fisheries, Audubon Society, Bureau of Land Management, Chelan County Natural Resources Dept., Idaho Fish & Game Dept., Team Naturaleza!, and more!

Chalk Art

Watch art come alive on the sidewalk with colorful chalk! Local artists donate their time to create original, nature-related pictures and you can see it happen on Saturday morning. It is simply beautiful.

Costume Parade

Children and parents are invited to dress in colorful costumes of birds, insects, wolves, and other creatures and “fly, hop, crawl, swim or walk” in a short parade down Chinook Avenue. (costumes provided)

Creativity Corner Art Tent

Express yourself by creating your own salmon art, glittery fish or just get creative with a variety of art supplies! Led by local professional artists!

Discovery Hunt

Kids can participate in a discovery hunt to test their knowledge of our natural resources. Find the activities, answer questions, collect at least 8 out of 10 stamps and win a prize!

Eye to Eye with Our Local Fish

Do you know what fish you are looking at? Gaze through the crystal clear waters in this custom-made 35 ft. aquarium and see freshwater fish up close. Learn more about our local fish species with a “user friendly” identification process with help from agency biologists.

Find the Bobbers!

A trio of musical mayhem, the Bobbers (Carl Yost, Richard Rydstrand, Michael Helland) will be on the grounds performing their fun, fishy tunes with delightful style and humor.

Food Court

Try some local fare from our food court! A wide choice of snacks and full meals are available in the nice surroundings of Hatchery Park and the Main Stage venue.


Join Chelan County PUD and capture your Salmon Festival experience in the same manner that Japanese fishermen once recorded their daily catch, by making a fish rubbing (gyo=fish, taku=rubbing). After the fish is painted, paper is carefully pressed over it for a colorful, lasting print.

Health Screening Unit

Salmon Fest is very excited to host the Northwest Lions Foundation and their Health Screening Unit. These screenings are FREE of charge and open to the public, all ages welcome. There are 5 general areas of screenings that our Unit services: Diabetes – Glaucoma – Blood Pressure – Hearing – Vision. And it only takes a few minutes!

Icicle Creek Nature Trail

Take a stroll on the beautiful one-mile trail that meanders along Icicle Creek. Keep an eye out for bears, deer, ducks and BIG SALMON looking for a place to spawn as their life cycle brings them back to where they began their journey.

Leavenworth Fisheries Complex Historical Exhibits

Last year we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery Complex – and we are still displaying equipment, photos, and journals from years past. Explore the rich history of the Leavenworth hatchery’s development since completion in 1940.

Native American Village

In this intertribal village you have an opportunity to observe the Native American Indian culture. Watch the preparation of salmon using traditional methods of baking and drying, see handmade pelts, baskets, beadwork and a traditional hand-made Long Tent in the Native Plateau Tradition. Also this year we have renowned storyteller and flute player Gene Tagaband to captivate audiences with unique regalia and traditional stories; audience participation included!

Pollinator Garden

Located behind the newly constructed gazebo on Chinook Way, we have installed a 2400 sq. ft. Pollinator Garden featuring 26 species of flowers, bushes and native grasses. Approx. 350 plants overall, take a stroll on the grass adjoining the garden and see why the butterflys and bees are enjoying the greenery!

Outdoor Recreation Activities and Exhibits

Get Connected to the Outdoors! Join us at the outdoor recreation exhibit area where you may find everything to get started on a journey of discovery and fun! Experience the 24 ft. climbing wall, fly tying and casting or disc golf; try traditional bow hunting, talk with Chelan County Search and Rescue personnel, learn about boating safety and wildland fires, fishing, whitewater rafting, or find out what a Karelian Bear Dog is! Get your questions answered about where to go, what to do and how to find it in the Cascades! Visit the Outdoor Recreation Activities and Exhibits page for a complete list!

Rolling Rivers

Students and parents alike learn through playing in a giant sandbox! This hands-on interactive watershed modeling activity is a unique learning experience, in which participants learn the fundamental elements of a healthy and properly functioning watershed.

Salmon Maze

In this 40 by 40 foot barrier-free maze, take the challenge of trying to find your way through the salmon’s habitat on their migration journey. Learn about different kinds of salmon, natural resources, hazards, and predators along the way!

Salmon Storytelling Tent

In this colorful 30-foot long nylon inflatable Salmon Tent, audiences will be entertained with a variety of meaningful stories. Entertainment for the whole family in a unique setting!

Sardis Raptor Center

Live raptors on display! Gaze into the eyes of the fast flying falcon and the majestic eagle, or learn fascinating facts about hawks and owls at the “Hunters of the Sky” presentations by the knowledgeable staff of one of the largest raptor rehabilitation centers in Washington.

What’s Hatching?

Take a guided hatchery tour by a hatchery employee and learn about the salmon’s life cycle, see live salmon eggs, discover how fish are aged, and watch the yearling salmon eat lunch!

“New” Wild Fire Education

Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition, Wenatchee River Ranger District and the Columbia Breaks Interpretive Center come together to educate the public about being “fire wise” with hands on activities, preparedness handouts, equipment displays, photos, narratives and more. Based on Landscape, Response and Community, learn about how fire can be avoided and how it is managed through the cooperation of a variety of partners.