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For 2017 New and Returning Teachers

Please read this introductory letter before
viewing the Teacher Instructions page.

Greetings from Salmon Fest!

It’s the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival’s 27th Anniversary and we’re looking forward to seeing you at this special event!

You may have heard that in 2017 there are a few changes for the festival’s venue, but these will have little to no impact on your classroom’s visit. For this year only, we are focusing on just Thursday and Friday’s “School Days” and will not offer the public/community day regularly held on Saturday. This is because of some major staff changes that affected our ability to staff the weekend. In 2018, when our full staff and new director are on-board, we look forward to offering the “Community Day” on Saturday.

Because the festival will only be on weekdays we were able to schedule it a couple weeks later on September 28th-29th. This will give you, the teachers, more classroom time to prepare your students for the great activities they will get to do at Salmon Fest! Our theme this year is “Salmon Friend and Foe,” and as always the festival will be held at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery.

Please help us by passing this information on to all teachers, especially new teachers coming on-board. If you are retiring or leaving your assigned grade, or if you know who your replacement will be, please let us know.

Salmon Fest’s target audiences for “School Days” are fourth graders from area schools. However, we will accommodate third and fifth grades as this works best for some schools. We look forward to working with you to make this educational experience the best event your students participate in.

School Schedule Days

We are continuing to split the Wenatchee and Eastmont School District classess to accommodate the district transportation departments. The schedule below is only geared to Eastmont and Wenatchee Schools which are divided between Thursday and Friday and the schools rotate days each year.

This pertains only to Eastmont & Wenatchee School Districts:

Thursday, September 28th schools include:
(Wenatchee SD) – Newbery, Mission View, Columbia and Sunnyslope
(Eastmont SD) – Cascade, Lee, and Sterling

Friday, September 29th schools include:
(Wenatchee SD) – Lincoln, Washington, and Lewis & Clark
(Eastmont SD) – Grant, Kenroy, and Rock Island

NOTE: All other schools and home-schools need to request which day they would like to attend—please indicate this when you register for activities. Each school selects one grade only to attend the festival to avoid having students experience the event more than once.

Returning (Alumni) Teachers

On-line registration is available only for alumni teachers who have completed the Salmon Fest Teacher Workshop. To register go to the Teacher Registration Form on this website.

For teachers that have not completed the mandatory Salmon Fest Teacher Workshop, you may only register for activities during the 2017 workshop.

Teacher evaluations are critical to Salmon Fest’s success, so to ‘entice’ teachers to return their evaluations we added an early registration incentive. Those teachers who completed and returned their evaluation form by the requested date qualify for early registration beginning July 3rd.

Note: Only the following teachers listed below may register as early as July 3rd. Thank you to all who completed and returned your evaluation sheets!

2017 Early Teacher Registration: Andy Miller, Jenifer Kniveton, Anayssa Lemus, Daroy Jensen, Julia Cantwell, Shannon Schmitten, Julie Spanjer, Kristina Williams, Dianna Mason, Tessa Nelson, Teresa Heinz, Tamara Savage, Allie Bean, Ann Black, Peggy Martin, Abby Dalbeck, Scott Olson, Fay Aitcheson, Jennifer Willson, Jollie Evans, Ann Caples, Heather Couture, Leah Hammond, Scott Griffith, Kim Dickson, Deanna Porter, Bethany Brownand, and Jill Reinfeld.

All other Alumni may begin registering on July 10th.

Registration forms and all other necessary information will be available on the website July 1st. If you register July 10th — August 4th you will receive your schedule by August 18th. If you register August 5th – August 25th you will receive your schedule by September 4th. All on-line scheduling closes on August 25th. You will receive your schedule via email, so please fill out the registration form completely and provide both your school and summer email addresses.

There are many teachers who have attended Salmon Festival for multiple years. If you have not been to a workshop in 8-10 years, you should attend a workshop as things do change over time.

For New Teachers in 2017

If you are a new teacher or have not been to a workshop you are required to attend a teacher workshop before registering or attending Salmon Fest with your class.

Teacher Workshops

There will be four Workshops to choose from during June, July, August, and September:

  • June 29th, Thursday (10:00 AM – noon)
  • July 19th, Wednesday (1:00 PM – 3:00 PM)
  • August 15th, Tuesday (10:00 AM – noon)
  • September 6th, Wednesday (6:00 PM – 8:00 PM)

The workshops will be in the Forest Service Headquarters office on 215 Melody Lane, Wenatchee, WA. Contact the Salmon Fest Education Coordinator (contact information below) to register. Space is limited, so register soon to get your preferred workshop date. During the workshops new teachers will receive an orientation to Salmon Festival, a curriculum binder, posters, and will be able to register for the 2017 Salmon Fest scheduled activities.

Thank you for your continued support of Salmon Fest and we look forward to seeing you!

Marjie Lodwick
US Fish & Wildlife Service
Email: education@salmonfest.org