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Home School Information

For Home School Teachers and Groups

June, 2017

Dear Home School Teachers and Families:

It’s the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival’s 27th Anniversary and we’re looking forward to seeing you at this special event!

*** Please help us by forwarding this letter to interested Home School teachers ***

You may have heard that in 2017 there are a few changes for the festival’s venue, but these will have little to no impact on your classroom’s visit. For this year only, we are focusing on just Thursday and Friday’s “School Days” and will not offer the public/community day regularly held on Saturday. This is because of some major staff changes that affected our ability to staff the weekend. In 2018, when our full staff and new director are on-board, we look forward to offering the “Community Day” on Saturday.

Our target audience for this award winning natural resource education event are scheduled events tailored for fourth graders. Some third and fifth grade students attend the event, but groups of children younger or older may experience some challenges with our activities, which can make it difficult not only for your group, but also for our presenters. We want you to have a wonderful Salmon Festival experience though, and will do our best to support you and your class.

Our theme this year is “Salmon Friend and Foe” and as for the past 27 years, all activities will be held at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery.

We schedule days according to space available. You may request either Thursday or Friday, but based upon scheduling large school districts, you may not receive the day of choice. Also, we will take small groups and combine them into a larger group for better learning situations and efficiencies. Group sizes normally run from 15-25 students.

**** Please note: Any Home School that attends must be accompanied by a Teacher who has attended the Salmon Fest Teacher Workshop. This is a requirement for any/ALL Teachers not just Home School Teachers. Information is below about the workshops.

Returning (Alumni) Teachers

*On-line registration is available only for alumni teachers who have completed the Salmon Fest Teacher Workshop.

All alumni (returning) teachers need to register using the Salmon Fest Teacher Registration Form. For teachers that have not completed the mandatory Salmon Fest Teacher Workshop, you will register during the 2017 workshop.

Alumni may begin registering July 10th.

Registration forms and all other necessary information will be available at this website beginning July 1st. If you register July 10th – August 4th you will receive your schedule by August 18th. If you register August 5th – August 25th you will receive your schedule by September 4th. All on-line scheduling closes on August 25th. You will receive your schedule via email, so please fill out the registration form completely and provide both your school and summer email addresses.

For New Home School Groups/Teachers

You are required to attend a teacher workshop before your group can register or attend school days with your class. To sign up for a workshop please contact our Education Coordinator Marjie Lodwick at education@salmonfest.org.

The workshops will be held on the following dates:
Thursday, June 29th from 10:00 am – noon
Wednesday, July 19th from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Tuesday, August 15th from 10:00 am – noon
Wednesday, September 6th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The first three workshops will be at the Forest Service Headquarters office on 215 Melody Lane, Wenatchee, WA. The fourth workshop location has not yet been chosen. During the workshops new teachers receive an orientation to Salmon Festival, curriculum, posters and register for the 2017 scheduled activities.

Teacher Evaluations

Teacher evaluations are critical to Salmon Fest’s success, so to ‘entice’ teachers to return their evaluations we added an early registration incentive. If you submit your Salmon Festival Evaluation by Oct. 16th 2017, you will have the opportunity to register for Salmon Fest sign-up activities one week early in 2018. (This year’s early registration will begin July 3rd).

Thank you for your continued support of Salmon Fest and we are excited to see you!


Marjie Lodwick
US Fish and Wildlife Service
(509) 669-6941