Teacher Instructions

Please Review the Following Pages:

Registration Form (General Registration Begins July 8, 2016) »

Note: Selected teachers ONLY may register June 29.

The on-line Registration Form is for returning teachers only.
Look for your schedule to arrive via email (the Primary Email Address entered on the Registration Form). If you register in July, your schedule will receive your schedule by August 12. If you register in August, your schedule will arrive by August 31.

All on-line registrations close August 17.

NOTE: New teachers may only register at the mandatory workshop.

Activity List/Sign-Up »

SIGN-UP IS INCLUDED WITH REGISTRATION. Choose your top 5 activities from the list. We will do our best to accommodate your choices. Take into account any special needs your students may have when selecting your activities. Remember, if you have participated in Kids in the Creek in the past two years, please refrain from signing up again so others have a chance to participate in this popular activity.

Activity List/Drop-In »

This is a list of drop-in activities that require no sign-up. We encourage you to visit these activities throughout the day as your schedule allows. Many of the activities are located in the exhibit area.

Map »

Use this map to locate your activities. Be sure to photocopy and distribute it to all parent chaperones before coming to the Festival. Teachers in the past have found it useful to highlight their scheduled activities on their map. This helps to eliminate confusion for you and your chaperones.

Photo Release Form »

Each year hundreds of pictures are taken at the Salmon Festival of students participating in activities. Please complete the photo release form to allow us permission to use photos of your students in Salmon Festival-related publications.

Include a photo release form in each permission slip sent home for parents or guardians to sign. If we get a great photo we will not be able to use it without that permission. Thank you.

Teacher Tidbits »

These tidbits are to help you plan your day at the festival. Please review and share this information with your students and parent chaperones.

Student Festival Flier »

Photocopy this flier for your students to take home. We hope the students will return on the weekend with their families to enjoy the many scheduled programs and activities.

Teacher Evaluation Form »

Once you have returned from your Salmon Festival experience, please submit an evaluation. We continually want to improve the festival, but can only do so if we hear from you. We take your suggestions and improvements very seriously.