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Activity List / Drop-In

Thursday Sep. 28 and Friday Sep. 29, 2017

This is a list of drop-in activities that require no sign-up. We encourage you to visit these activities throughout the day as your schedule allows. Many of the activities are located in the exhibit area. (This tentative list will continue to be updated as we near the festival.)

New Find that Bird

Find that bird! Join the Audubon society to search high and low for life-like wooden bird models. Learn skills to help identify birds that you can see right here in North Central Washington.


Many agencies and organizations in our community share information through hands-on, interactive activities. Cascadia Conservation District, Yakama Fisheries, Bureau of Land Management, Washington State Dept. of Ecology, Noxious Weed Board and many others will be joining us for this salmon celebration.

Fish Aquarium

Gaze through the waters and become eye to eye with our local freshwater fish. Learn more about why fish look the way they do and how to identify them.

Fish Dissection Lab

Stop in to the hatchery lab and see what our station veterinarian is dissecting today! Learn what best practices are used to keep the hatchery salmon healthy and thriving.

Pollinator Garden

Located behind the newly constructed gazebo on Chinook Way, the hatchery has installed a 2400 sq. ft. Pollinator Garden featuring 26 species of flowers, bushes and native grasses. Comprised of 350 plants overall, the garden invites you to stroll on the path alongside the garden and see why the butterflies and bees are enjoying the greenery!

Salmon Maze

In this 40 by 40 foot barrier-free maze, students will experience the many challenges of aquatic life and migration when they discover themselves as salmon, hatching and struggling to survive. They meet predators along the way as they go through the salmon’s amazing life cycle. An activity sheet is given to each student to complete.

Sardis Raptor Center, “Hunters of the Sky”

View live raptors while learning about the “Hunters of the Sky” with Sardis Raptor Center. What do raptors eat? How high can they fly? What do they do in the winter? Drop in with your questions about owls, hawks, eagles, falcons and more and see them live, up close!

Wheel of Fish

Spin the wheel, test your Fish IQ and learn fishy facts! Lunch Time Only in Hatchery Park.

WHOOSHH Innovations Demo

How do fish get around dams and how are they moved from place to place when necessary? Check out the Whooshh Innovations team as they demonstrate live fish transport and fish passage. Watch the water “whooshh” objects up and over an obstacle, quickly firing through a 80ft. tube from one end to the other. Ask the experts about this fascinating, fun way to move fish!

Wildland Fire Education

Local agencies and organizations come together to educate the public about being “fire wise” with hands on activites, preparedness handouts, equipment displays, photos and narratives and more. Based on Landscape, Response and Community, learn about how fire is avoided and managed through the cooperation of a variety of partners.