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Photo Release Form

Photo Release Requirements

Each year hundreds of pictures are taken of students participating in Salmon Festival activities. We love to show off your kids at our event! But, we want to be certain that the proper permission is granted for us to do so. These photos are used for festival promotions in natural resource and agency education-related publications, website, and other media.

A signed release is required by our government agency when photos are taken of individuals and/or small groups of people. In the case of minors, a parent or guardian must sign the release. The attached release can be used and copied by you for each of your students. If your school has a photo release form already in place, that may be substituted for this one.

Our O-FISH-AL festival photographers will do their best to make contact with you before they shoot a photo of your students. At that time, please let them know if you have a student that is not permitted to be in small group or individual shot. Thank you very much.

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