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Registration Form


Early Registration– July 3 – July 9, 2017 (for a list of teachers eligible for early registration, see the Teacher Information Page.

General Registration– July 10 – August 25, 2017.

Registration Update 8-7-17:

Friday, September 29 is close to being fully booked. Gyotaku, Kids in the Creek, Macro Invertebrate Mayhem, and Animal Trackers are no longer available on Friday. Teachers who still want to register for Friday may be limited to two activities, depending on timing. All Thursday activities are still available.

Day Attending: Thursday, September 28 Friday, September 29

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you have any students with special needs?

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NOTE: A registration confirmation email, and later the schedule, will be sent to this primary address ONLY.

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(Please keep in mind Salmon Festival is over at 2:30PM on school days)

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When was your last workshop orientation?

Salmon Festival
Activities: Top 5 Choices

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schedule me for only 3 activities to allow for more time
for drop-in activities.
give me a full schedule.

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Note: Upon form submission, you should see a confirmation web page thanking you for registering, and a confirmation email sent to your Primary Email Address.
If you fail to see/receive both, please contact Marjie Lodwick at education@salmonfest.org, or call 509.669.6941.