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Teacher Tidbits

An Aid to Planning for the School Days

Please review and share this information with your students and parent chaperones.

Directions to the Hatchery (Once you are in Leavenworth…)
Look for Icicle Road at the west end of town just before entering Tumwater Canyon. Turn left (south) on Icicle Road for two miles. Find the Salmon Festival signs and follow them left (east) on East Leavenworth Road about 1/4 mile. The parking lot entrance is on the right.

Be On Time- Our scheduling is very tight. Late-comers may not be accommodated. We try to give you at least 15 minutes to move between activities.

Lunches- Label all boxes and coolers containing group lunches with teacher and school names. Upon arrival, unload your lunches from the bus and place on the flatbed truck. Lunch coolers will be delivered to the picnic area and returned to the front entrance gate before your departure.

Dress and Personal Items- Instruct your students to dress appropriately for outdoor weather. Students should bring a backpack with a pencil and water bottle inside. Please make sure your students leave the festival with all their belongings. Each year we have lots of items sent to our lost and found! It’s very helpful if personal items and clothing are labeled with the teacher and school name, in addition to the student’s name.

Pre-Work- Be sure to start your pre-work now- it’s never too early!

Recycling- Please encourage your students to use the recycling bins provided near the picnic area, and sort trash accordingly.

First Aid- Located at the main entrance. Know your students’ needs, and be aware of any allergic reaction to bee stings.

Bathrooms- Port-a-potties will be stationed throughout the festival grounds. Check map for locations.

Gyotaku If you are scheduled to attend this fish printing activity, make sure you bring pre-labeled name tags for each student and remember to pick up prints before leaving the festival. Labels should include school name, teacher name, and student name.

Special Needs- Make sure the festival staff and your chaperones are aware of any special needs of your students.

Parent/Chaperone Preparation

  • Photocopy the map and highlight your activities.
  • Give parents and chaperones the schedule of activities.
  • Stress the importance of understanding the difference between pre-registered (sign-up) and drop-in activities.
  • Spend time orienting them to the Salmon Festival.

Please stress the importance of being on time!

Poster Contest- Winners are announced here. Congratulations to all of our winners! If you would like to participate in the poster contest, please contact Debbie Gallaher at 509.661.4960.

School Days Food Court- Following is a list of food offerings during the School Days:

NOTE: This list is being updated for 2017.

  • Kettle Corn/Cotton Candy/Lemonade
  • Shaved Ice/Soda Pop
  • Ice Cream
  • Espresso
  • Hot Dogs
  • Milk Shakes/floats

Check here for additional food information.

Exhibitors for Thursday and Friday- Remember to visit the exhibit area and the many hands-on activities.

NOTE: This list is being updated for 2017.

  • Cascadia Conservation District
  • Lake Wenatchee State Park
  • Together for Drug Free Youth
  • Upper Columbia Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group
  • Washington Water Trust
  • Wild Fish Conservancy
  • Wilderness Awareness School

Check here for additional exhibitor information.

Festival T-shirts- Festival t-shirts will be sold at the sales booth. The booth is open from 10:00AM-3:00PM Thursday and Friday. You should consolidate your students’ order and bring it with you to the festival, although there is no guarantee all shirts will be available. T-shirts are available in short-sleeve only for $15.00 each.

Volunteers Needed!- We need your help to recruit volunteers. If you or someone you know wants to be a part of the Salmon Fest Team, please contact the Hatchery at 509.548.2921. We’ll sign you up!

Student Festival Flier- Please photocopy the flier for your students to take home with them. We encourage the students to invite their families and friends to return on the weekend for other exciting programs and activities. The flier may be downloaded here.

Teacher Evaluation- To help us improve the Salmon Festival for next year, we need your feedback.

Please note that all teachers who return their evaluations by Oct. 16th will get priority scheduling for the next Salmon Festival. We will provide a link to Survey Monkey after the festival. Please check back here for that link.