Native American Tribal Village

Sharing Northwest Traditions

Native Village Dancer

NEW FOR 2019: Chelan PUD will be hosting an extraordinary Native American program called the “River Ramble at Salmon Fest.” Representatives from over 12 tribes throughout the Pacific Northwest will be present.

Every year, the Native American Tribal Village is a cultural education experience for visitors to learn about some of our Northwest Native American cultures. It provides a valuable opportunity for native peoples of all ages to come together to share their traditions and experiences.

Some of the hands-on highlights will include:
– drumming & dancing
– atlatl and other traditional games
– flint knapping
– plateau fishing demos
– canoe carving
– basket weaving
– salmon bake

It also provides our native youth an opportunity to learn from our elders about their heritage and participate in sharing that heritage with others. Also included is an authentic Long Tent in the Plateau Native Tradition. Constructed and presented by the Tribal Village participants, it will be a unique experience for all ages and will educate the public about the cultural significance of the Long Tent in Native American life.

Native Village Dancers

The Chelan PUD presents the “River Ramble at Salmon Fest” and the Inter-Tribal Village. This year’s program is a collaborative effort between Native Educators and Native families representing tribes throughout the Northwest.

The objectives of the three day village include:

  • Providing the public with a glimpse at tribal natural resource ethic, and tribal world-view as it pertains to salmon and other non-human communities.
  • Sharing of cultural values, arts, experiences and traditions with Native American youth in a village/encampment setting.
  • Serving as a focal point to strengthen tribal community as well as develop positive relations with Native and non-Native populations.

Long Tent
Tule Mat