Salmon Festival Supporters

Hosts, Contributors, and Volunteers

The first Wenatchee River Salmon Festival was “spawned” in 1991. Today, our nationally recognized festival has received numerous awards for educational excellence, service to the community, creativity and more.

The success of Salmon Festival is due in large part to enthusiastic participation and cooperation from both the public and private sectors. The partnership is the key ingredient to our Festival’s creativity and vitality.

Connecting People with Nature the Ultimate Goal

With an annual festival attendance of close to 8,000 people, including representation from corporate, agency, business and individual sponsors, public and private schools, the value of the Salmon Festival is tremendous. Connecting people with nature is our ultimate goal!

Benefits for All

Salmon and other natural resources benefit from a more informed and interested public who ultimately determine their management. Students and families learn the value of the salmon resource, the natural environment and how humans fit into the equation as consumers, conservationists, and decision-makers. Educators benefit as they strive to meet Washington State requirements in natural resource education. Natural resource management agencies benefit from a better informed community as well as from the collaborative ties developed and reinforced with other agencies, organizations and private citizens.

Festival Hosts

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Okanogan and
National Forest
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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery
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Chelan County PUD
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Friends of Northwest Hatcheries

Agency Support

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U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
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