Chelan County PUD River Ramble & Native American Village

Since 2018, the popular River Ramble event hosted by the Chelan County PUD joined forces with the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival’s existing Native American Village for the benefit of both events! Attendees enjoyed the meticulously crafted village, presentations, and activities complete with a traditional canoe, salmon bake, and drumming and dancing, plus arts & crafts, and outdoor recreation like traditional salmon fishing and atlatl throw. 

The Native American Village will continue to be a exciting feature of Salmon Fest for years to come. 

Below is a list of activities, exhibits, outdoor recreation, and live performances specifically for River Ramble and the Native American Village at Salmon Fest.

Native American Village Activities & Exhibits

We encourage you to visit and interact with these activities throughout the day. This tentative list will continue to be updated as we near the festival.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of traditional dancing. Experience the music and dances that have been performed by Plateau Indian Peoples for centuries.


Test your skills throwing the traditional spear hunting atlatl

How did we make tools before machines? See how flintknapping can make a variety of tools and instruments.

Look out across Nsíq’el’t (Icicle creek) at the traditional salmon fishing grounds of the Wenatchii people. Today the Wenatchii band still returns to Nsíq’el’t every year to fish. Learn about traditional and modern fishing tools and methods, and how salmon play an important role as a First Food for Columbia plateau tribes.

The Columbia river is the lifeline for plateau tribes. Before the advent of cars and roads, rivers provided easy and swift transportation. Learn about traditional canoe building and heritage from an expert.


Basket weaving takes patience and practice, and knowledge passed down through generations. Learn about the culture, materials, and artistry of this craft from skilled indigenous peoples.

A First Food, salmon is essential to the history, culture, economy, and life of Plateau Indian Peoples. Breath in the delicious aroma as you experience the traditional ways of preparing salmon.